Bourbon In Your Eyes

Call me angel and take my hand
wishin' you could be my man
but I can't tell if it's truth or lies
when you got bourbon in your eyes

Tell me somethin' that I don't know
then I dare you to prove it so
I'd ask you to try this on for size
but you got bourbon in your eyes

You're so.....
I find myself showin' up at your front door
although I can't come in I keep comin' back for more
and when you call me baby it feels just like a lie
and everytime you smile when you look into my eyes
You don't have the guts to love me like you wish you could
I'm gonna find someone to make me feel the way I should

Run your fingers through my hair
I want you to touch me there
but I will not open up my thighs
when you got bourbon in your eyes

You're the one who makes me smile
and I know you'd make it worth my while
but she's waiting for you and I think she cries
when you got bourbon in your eyes

You're so sweet talkin'
You're so fire walkin'
I know I shouldn't but I want some
Little boy are you lost?
I see you lookin' around
but I think that you know more than you let on

I must leave you 'cause I know your kind
You'd wake me up just to say goodbye
I know that's not a tear in your eye
'cause boys don't cry and neither do I

I may be in love but I'll never say
so I guess I'll be on my way
at least I gave it a try,
but you had bourbon in your eyes.

c. 2001 Queen of Pain Publishing